iPhone 7 Officially Announced

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September 6, 2016
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September 14, 2016
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iPhone 7 Officially Announced

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Specs Finally Announced

iRepair Touch ScreenAfter months and months of waiting and reading all these posts online, the iPhone 7 was finally announced just a few days ago. Not only was there an announcement, but it should be released on the 12th of this month starting at $649. This phone will be tough to beat and I’ll explain that down below. Some of the rumors were right, others were wrong. I had mentioned that before in my previous posts that there is no clear way to prove anything about an unreleased product until it has officially been announced or released. Get excited though because this phone will blow all the other phones out of the water – (foreshadowing) – and so many consumers will purchase this device for a myriad of reasons.

iPhone 7 Details

This new iPhone has everything you can imagine. It’s the first waterproof version of the series and it looks like it might be able to last up to 30 minutes under water or up to a meter, just like to Archos 50 Saphir. So that’s pretty interesting. We will never know who had the idea first or if that is the normal thing for waterproof smartphones. The display is 4.7 inches for the normal, and 5.5 inches for the Plus just like rumors speculated. It has a 12 megapixel rear camera. The dual lens camera on the Plus takes gorgeous photos. The dual lens is to help with intense focus so the picture is as clear as it can possibly be. With the A10 processor this phone will be extremely fast and the battery life on this device is no joke.

More Later

These are all the things we know since the conference and announcement for the iPhone 7. We will know more as it gets released and we read customer reviews. I have high hopes for this phone, but will Microsoft crush the game for everyone? We will know about everything regarding these issues in the coming months. If you need anything for your phones such as accessories or repairs stop by iRepair of Panama City! Don’t forget that we have two convenient locations. One in Destin and the other in Panama City Beach!

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