Computer Upgrades & Maintenance

iRepair of PC does so much more than smartphone and tablet repair.

We can take care of your computer maintenance, cleaning and restoration, system upgrades, and software upgrades as well.

Cleaning & Restoration

iRepair of PC can remove viruses and malware that threaten your computer.

We are ready to reload your programs, retrieve your important data, and perform a complete system restore where necessary.

Sales, Software, Service

Computer Upgrades
Computer Repair

System Upgrades

We take care of system upgrades on all types and brands of computers and laptops – both Apple (Mac) and PC. Brands we work with include:

Software Upgrades

iRepair of PC can upgrade your system’s software and hardware, so your computer performs just as smoothly as the day you purchased it.

Keep your computer maintained and serviced with our qualified technicians at Irepair of PC. We have years of experience with both Macs and PCs and are ready for any challenge.

Remember We offer soldering services for loose or detached components, and our repair services often save you the cost of an expensive replacement computer!

iRepair of PC - 1st in Service, Repairs, and Upgrades

Keeping Your Computer Humming!

iRepair can take care of the hassles of maintaining your computer by making sure your system is cleaned, and optimized. Keeping you system regularly maintained is highly important.

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