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Why we Need USB-C


What is USB-C?

iPhoneUSB-C is a newer version of the normal USB cables. You can think of the cables that charge almost every phone besides the iPhone and some new higher end phone models. We learned that the Samsung Galaxy S8 might be powered by a USB-C charging port too. In simple terms we can put it this way, it is a 24-pin reversible-plug connector for USB cables and USB devices. That wasn’t too difficult to understand, right? Well actually I guess it was because even I am trying to grasp this wonderful creation. It was developed the same time the USB 3.1 was developed.

What can it do?

A normal USB might use around 2.5 watts to charge your phone. Remember that wattage is pretty much just the amount of power. So 2.5 is pretty low. You could charge your phone in an average amount of time, but that is pretty much it. With USB-C through the USB Power Delivery system you would be able to use up to 100 watts. This is enough to charge a laptop. There is actually a newer edition of an Apple MacBook that uses USB-C as it’s primary charging cable. So imagine charging your phone with it. That would be incredible because I imagine the charging speed would be fantastic. Although it all depends on what kind of battery and processor the phone comes with. Either way this kind of USB cable is what we really need when it comes to power and battery life. They are also reverse compatible on certain products which makes things a lot simpler just like we always needed.

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