Damage by Sand & Water

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July 27, 2015
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Damage by Sand & Water

Damage by Water

Sand or Water Damage

So you live in Panama City Beach, or you could be here on vacation. If so, that’s great! But you might find yourself with a little problem in that sand and water can damage your smartphone in a variety of ways. Sand can easily infiltrate your mini USB charging port and cause charging issues. Water can get in and do critical damage to delicate circuitry and other internal parts of your prized smartphone.

Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is a great place to live and work, but can be rough on a phone if you aren’t careful. Water DamageIf you find that either of these have happened, then get your phone to iRepair of Panama City. What do you do if you drop your smartphone in the saltwater? First, don’t panic! Also, important… do not turn it on! Rinse the phone out in plain water! Then place it in a Ziploc type bag full of dried rice, and get it to us as soon as possible. This will help minimize the effect of the water, as the rice will help to draw out the moisture. If you think that there may be sand inside your phone, then bring it in today and let the professional technicians take a more than thorough look at it. We can quickly tell you what the problem is.


Click here to take a look at our services page. You’ll find that no matter what kind of trouble you are having with your phone, or damage that it has acquired, that iRepair of Panama City can fix it right, and in short order. Take a second to visit the contact us page, and view our location. You can also get directions to the best phone repair shop on the beach from that page.


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