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August 24, 2015
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Apple or Android?

Apple or Android

Apple or Android

Apple or Android It doesn’t really matter whether you are an Apple fan or a Android aficionado, one thing’s sure… Eventually your smart phone will need a repair of some kind if you keep it long enough. Broken screens, cracked glass, or malfunctioning LCDs with dead pixels, iRepair of Panama City can get you back on the road quickly by repairing all of these problems and more. We even work on LG devices. (That’s not too common) This is simply one more way that we offer more, for typically less.

iPhone or Galaxy?

Fans of both operating systems have their favorite devices. Most Apple fans are currently enjoying the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, and many Android fans are enjoying the Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6, “Edge” or even the Note. These smart phones are letting their users get the most out of the digital world, by instantly connecting them to whatever they need, keeping them on time and allowing them to capture practically every moment of their lives via photo, video or social media.

Broken Phones!

Broken phone? Then you are probably missing your device pretty bad! It’s almost a physical addiction these days! We are constantly checking our emails, status updates, posts, wall, likes, tweets, etc. When your phone is out for the count, then you are missing a lot of you day. Most people are relying more and more on their phones for work, and when you can’t be reached… Then your boss can tell you– it’s a real problem.


Apple or Android isn’t really a question if your phone isn’t working properly! An old Motorola Razor isn’t going to help you, despite it being the coolest, most sought after phone of it’s time. It can’t do what you Apple or Android does these days. Make sure your device is functioning, and when you need repairs, bring it to the professional phone repair technicians at iRepair of Panama City. Check out our repairs page.

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