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June 18, 2015
Samsung Galaxy Repair
Samsung Galaxy Repair
July 13, 2015
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Apple iPhone Repair

Apple iPhone Repairs

Apple iPhone Repairs

Beach iPhone RepairSince the advent of the Apple iPhone, one thing has been constant- Broken screens and broken iPhones! If you are in Panama City Beach, or anywhere in Bay County, FL for that matter, and you have an Apple iPhone that needs repairs, you should stop by our Middle Beach location. We’re just right of Hutchinson Blvd. on Camelia. A stone’s throw away from most anywhere you may be on the beach!

Typical Apple iPhone Problems

Some typical iPhone problems include:

  • Broken Screen
  • Cracked Screens
  • Wet Phones
  • Unresponsive / Locked up

When you swing into iRepair of Panama City, (iRepair of PC) we’re going to be able to help you get your Apple iPhone back to a like new condition quickly and easily. Often people are really amazed by the speed at which we are able to affect repairs to your broken or damaged smart phone. We’re really good at fixing all brands of phones! We even work on phones that others don’t like to, such as LG.


Having a broken phone is such a distraction and inconvenience! Whether you are a local, or in for an awesome vacation on Florida’s beautiful Emerald Coast, iRepair of PC stands ready to assist you if you suddenly find yourself with a broken iPhone. Don’t cry in the sand, just stop by our Panama City Beach location to get immediate assistance and repair for your broken phone. Then you can get back to the normal activities you are planning. Don’t allow phone problems to ruin your day, let iRepair of PC save the day!

We’ll quickly analyze your phone’s problem, and let you know our suggestions for the easiest fix. There may be a couple of places on the beach that fix phones, but none are going to treat you as well as iRepair of Panama City. Our customers come first, and keeping them happy is our top priority.


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